Tuesday, September 27, 2005

lately i've had the most overwhelming...

urge to play blues/jazz w/ just a bass and drummer. i'm not sure why. but man to get my junk together and lay in on some grooves would do it for me... know what i mean? jazz bar, 2 hr set, colourful, feeling it out... yeah. back to work.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

to future's concrete Propaganda

a friend of mine doesn't buy this heavy output of future's importance. right now there's things to do, people to help, lives to save and/or hearts to mend. to bereave time and the hearts of people i love seems to be what i fall into. i'm either too caught up in my world or looking too hard to future's propaganda of utmost importance. there's no future, at least not yet, so maybe i should let my heart and the Word determine it. and let my past speak on its own. use the present to reveal my love. its a hard look to delve into my actions and see how they speak about my heart. i think i'll do that. if i believe my friend's heart and life and death, then shouldn't my feet and hands sing louder than my guitar?