Monday, July 14, 2008

The Bride and Avarice

What about me?
I'm worth it.
So, morally I let lapse
some of the rules that hold me small
enough to fit through your door.

In fact, I've been thinking.
This whole arrangement of redemption
seems so vague that if
my bank account were beaming
I could see a bit more.

Of all the colors I can see,
its green that's most appealing.
Your comfort is fine and all,
but couldn't you help by building
a nest egg for my future?

Then maybe I'd have something
to nurture and trust in.
But look at me going on. Being
like everybody else.

I have priorities, you know.
Truth, justice, equality and love.
The bank account just goes to show
all my hard worth... er work.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

no boat... (revised)

I was just reading through all my old posts and found this one that needed revision:

No Boat...

i am niles.
i am loved.
i am married.
i am a father
i am a friend.
i am a stranger.
i am a musician.
i am arguably the best guitarist ever known.
i am obsessive.
i am a bad story teller.
i am thus a bad blogger.
i am broken from the fall.
i am being repaired daily.
i am trying to be better than you.
i am trying to stay in the boat.
i am trying to push others out.
i am not getting it.
there is no boat.


So, its been about 2 years since I've posted. In lieu of being creative, I'd like to bring back one of my favorite poems from a couple years ago. I know; I'm a hard worker.

a memphis breakfast in new york

memphis boarded

the airplane, his window lies
next to winged freedom that flies
overlooking memphis skies
gently fading to the night

later on

the drive to his hotel
racking his mind as to what she'll
be wearing with her coffee and bagel
making early conversation as their inhibitions fell

the nextmorning came off sweetly

she had the omelet, hold the meat
he had the peppered ham to eat
they watched the people, hardly speaking

to each other

this seemed normal
waiting your entire life to travel
one thousand and ninety-eight miles
only to be more entangled

in a beloved silent lovesong