Monday, May 02, 2005

miller time

imagine adam and eve and how they were moment to moment; every second of their existence validated, motivated, animated by the Love of God. they had no concern about their person; they didn't even know they were naked. the Love of God was not a commodity, it was life... it told them who they were. they were creation and in perfect relationship with the creator. when sin crept into the garden, this connection was broken... no longer having God breathe life into their every moment... they now looked at each other and noticed something very different... they're alone. and... naked. now we strive for Love... for worth and value in any form from any entity, save God-this being the essence of sin... but all have one thing in common: the goal. to be deemed worthy to remain in the boat... to be alive... i find myself trying to find it in being the better musician, appearing more wealthy than others, wanting to be more popular among my surrounding peers or friends.... even deeper... by trying to be more spiritual, smarter, more read... godly. this is why we need.... this is why i need Jesus. to show me how to live without a boat... to find my worth in His Love and purpose within His Will. and wean me off the kind of existence that holds me to being better than the next person in order to stay in the boat. God is constantly refining my view of humanity as i fall right out of the boat. good thing Jesus can walk on water, huh?

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erin said...

wow..niles..good stuff. sounds like you are doing well and God is right there in your midst. i think you are a good blogger...i will keep reading:)