Wednesday, November 09, 2005

tailgate imperfection

as stated in my world renown literary masterpiece, No Boat... - I am obsessive.

and so at the moment the subconscious obsession that has leaked into my attention is the wearing of objects. looking at things around me and seeing how they've deviated aesthetically from the way they were made and how that makes them what they are.

prime example, and frankly the event that cast the observation into obsession, was the tailgate of a really old ford pickup. as i followed behind the truck under the greenlight, the light of dusk lit the tailgate in such a way that i could see all its imperfections. the paint chipped from the edges of the FORD lettering. the scraps from trailers, fishing boats or who knows accentuated the imperfection. i found the whole piece to be fascinating. if i could have stopped the truck w/o getting beat up, i would have offered him money for it.

and as i write of my flippant observation, i'm reminded that all the imperfections in our lives are seen by one that has had this obsession for centuries. Christ's Love in spite of, and i think sometime because of, our imperfection could never seem so sweet. so i go on and wear at the world and lately my guitar to realize over and over again that rubs, scraps, gashes, cuts, chips and other blemishes only amplify the power and intensity of Christ's Love for me.

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αλεχανδρα said...

it is amazing that He is fixated on us, the scraped/bruised/wounded. and how puzzling that the deeper we understand our injury, the more grand His restorative/redemptive/healing nature is to all of us silly little humans trying to lick our own wounds.

but of greater concern to me, however, is that you were obsessing over a truck bumper at dusk...

now that's just a car accident waiting to happen.