Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dutch Maritime Paintings

Just wanted to share a couple of brilliant Dutch paintings I ran across while reading a WSJ article. Its hard to see the minute details of the ships in Velde's piece, so click the title of the piece's name for higher resolution. What grabbed my attention in these paintings is the realism of the lighting on the clouds, waves, and ships.

Here they are:

The first is a piece by Ludolf Bakhuizen entitled The Merchant Shipping Anchorage in the Texel with Texel Island and Oude Schild to the North West. From 1665, an oil on canvas.

The second is a piece by Willem van de Velde the Younger titled, Ships on the Roadstead. 1658.

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Diana said...

awesome! .... but I think I'll stick to painting flowers and trees... just a little less ridiculously difficult :)
ps- looks like it was a busy day at work :)