Friday, June 24, 2005

a memphis breakfast in new york

memphis boarded

the airplane, his window lies
next to winged freedom that flies
overlooking memphis skies
gently fading to the night

later on

the drive to his hotel
racking his mind as to what she'll
be wearing with her coffee and bagel
making early conversation as their inhibitions fell

the next

morning came off sweetly
she had the omelet, hold the meat
he had the peppered ham to eat
they watched the people, hardly speaking

to each other

this seemed normal
waiting your entire life to travel
one thousand and ninety-eight miles
only to be more entangled

in a beloved silent lovesong


poet lover said...

Wow... that's what I call a sexy poem.

αλεχανδρα said...

yes, i agree. it's hot. and fantastic.