Wednesday, June 15, 2005

thy stag

mine assembly follows closely
my blood even closer
thy wood strangely familiar
bright tree of steel intrigued her
holding fire like the night

thy stag white as powder
leaps and strides ever faster
mine assembly falls asunder
whilst my sisters rise above them
holding fire like the night

thy wish that would be ours
finds ourn eyes wooded deeply
caught beyond this world and thine
and the heart that would be mine
holding fire like the night


αλεχανδρα said...

i just saw the pic of chloe...she is beautiful. congrats to you and maria on your new addition.

i think chloe just might be monroe's third cousin (perhaps on on his mother's side?)

Jim said...

Great stuff Niles... however, I must admit... contrary to what you say, your blog is way sweeter than mine.