Thursday, January 29, 2009

Of future's Author and Perfecter

Let's read a bit of my past. It truly does speak on its own. I'm grateful it doesn't speak this way any longer:

to future's concrete Propaganda

a friend of mine doesn't buy this heavy output of future's importance. right now there's things to do, people to help, lives to save and/or hearts to mend. to bereave time and the hearts of people i love seems to be what i fall into. i'm either too caught up in my world or looking too hard to future's propaganda of utmost importance. there's no future, at least not yet, so maybe i should let my heart and the Word determine it. and let my past speak on its own. use the present to reveal my love. its a hard look to delve into my actions and see how they speak about my heart. i think i'll do that. if i believe my friend's heart and life and death, then shouldn't my feet and hands sing louder than my guitar?

I find that my punctuation has adapted mostly to using capital letters at the beginning of my sentences. That's one thing... um.. I would still defend that there are things to do, people to help and hearts to heal. Yep, that I retain. Let's see... oh yeah, ok here it is: "there's no future, at least not yet, so maybe I should let my heart and the Word determine it." I repent and shutter to think that I would say my heart determines the future. I might be able to fandangle an explanation of how that fits theologically, but I'll not waste the brain power and say that the Lord has made it exceedingly clear that this world, including the past, present and future, are in His hands alone. Jesus upholds the universe itself by the word of his power. This is the truth.

I would still posit that my life, death, hands and feet should sing lounder than my 60 watt tube amp. (Believe me, that's loud.)


jimmy ( said...

I can't wait for the future to get here (please notice that sweet capitalization at the beginning of my sentence).

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