Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tasty Theology with ZeFronk

As my encouraging baseball coach told me when I hit my first and only home run, "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut." Disney has presented its young viewers, probably unintentionally, with an age old philosophical dilemma and point of thought for the ordination of evil.

ZeFronk, a french wiener-dog with an affinity for cooking on a 3 year-old level, is constantly protecting his culinary masterpieces such as Ze Ants on a Log (celery, peanut butter and rains - you get it) from his adversary, Dom. Dom is, of course, a lazy cat that waits for these tasty treats to come to fruition only to steal them.

In one episode, Dom tried a bit of reverse psychology. He decided that he'd no longer pursue ZeFronk's tasty treats. As ZeFronk began making his ZeFronksicles, he and his sidekick, Sue, (a lovely bird) were constantly looking out for Dom. When they notice that he is no longer pursuing their treats, the whole process breaks done as ZeFronk proclaims that he could not make ze tasty treats if Dom is not trying to steal them.

Like the smelling of burnt popcorn*, the theological/philosophical dilemma that the episode was based on wafted to my attention: dualism. ZeFronk has found his purpose in opposing Dom. If he no longer needs to oppose Dom, he losses his purpose or meaning. (*You know how it goes - at first all excited about the smell of popcorn, then... dangit. It's burnt popcorn. No thanks. )

This dualism is not the reality the Bible presents (see Job)There are not two equal forces of ZeFronk (the forces of good) and Dom (the forces of evil) that are in battle; a scenario where sometimes Dom wins and sometimes ZeFronk. Our purpose is not found in this struggle. The purposes and effects of all things good and holy is not dependent on the forces of evil to exist or continue. But as the Lord would show in Christ, the suffering servant, evil is ordained to accomplish the purposes of God the Father for our benefit and His Glory. The God we serve is creator, sustainer and ruler over all. He is as strong as Shakespeare was over McBeth and more loving than any human father to his child.

So, ZeFronk, keep making those ZeFronksicles, ZePancakes and ZeBanana Dogs. The fruit of your life is more than opposing Dom.

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