Monday, March 09, 2009

American Nonsense and the Scandalous Suffering of Christ

"May God rescue us all from this self-consumed, victorious-living American nonsense. That God is like a pagan god that gives us everything we want and gets us around everything we don't. May God rescue us from this false, silly, pagan christian american ideology that when we suffer, we have a right to do evil. May God allow us not to waste any of our suffering. May he allow us in his grace to use all of it as Jesus did, to not waste a breath, to not waste a word, to not waste a moment, to not waste an opportunity, to do good, to love, to serve, so that others may come to meet this amazing God who suffered the worse injustice and does so in love. And even while having a heart attack and dying is crying out for forgiveness and love and mercy on his murderers.

There's no one like Jesus."

From Mark Driscoll's latest sermon on the book of Peter. This week dealing with Submission to Ungodly Authority.

Enjoy the beautiful letdown.

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