Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Reforming

From a discussion board to my blog:

The Reformers (e.g. Luther, Calvin, etc) looked to the Scriptures and saw that the way the church was practicing, living, worshiping was bent not to the Scriptures, but to culture and tradition. And sometimes even contrary to the Scriptures. They revolutionized, by the power of the Word, the Church in Europe. They reformed the Christian life in view of sacred Scriptures instead of accepted tradition and philosophy. The interesting part is that God has been doing this throughout the history of the world. No less in our day.

We must see what the Scriptures say about wealth and consumption. It is almost universally guaranteed that it will be in conflict with where the world stands. The end goal of Corporate American, wealth, prosperity. The end goal of the American Dream, self improvement through material things, unlimited consumption. What are we willing to give up to gain these things? Our family, born and unborn. Our spouses, if they somehow disrupt our personal self-actualization. Our souls, if it means wealth and prosperity. This is no different from the Enemy's schemes throughout history. Its just on a wider scale. No longer are only the kings of the society rich, these snares are available to everyone.

Here's the deal. Christ's life and death was for the Glory of the God of creation. Our lives are for the same. This is important: Our joy is tied directly to God's glory. God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied with him. When Christ is our highest love and source of satifaction we are no longer consumers, but servants. Because he is. When we find our wealth in his grace, we're no longer proud. Because He is our righteousness. We have to, hear this, have to lift up Jesus as the most satisfying source of joy because that's how we're made. Sin will work its way into our lives by lying to us. It says things like: If you just had this, worked this job, made a bigger impact, drove this car, then finally you'll be happier. You deserve to be happy.

The truth is that we deserve hell, the tomb is empty and by the grace that is the gospel we get Jesus. Love, generosity, servanthood, satisfaction, deep joy is found nowhere else. This is worship.

Its why we're here.

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