Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Snipers and A-Bombs

So, I'm on the "Diversity Advancement Commitee" at work.

I haven't quite made up my mind yet a proper response and reaction to the worldview that this particular workplace philosophy promotes. But maybe I can use this post to think through some of it tenents. The following is from Diversity, Inc's website, one of the leading organizations for promoting Diversity in the workplace. They have the ear of some of the biggest companies in the US, and here's what they have to say about diversity:

We believe that all people are created equally, and therefore, talent is distributed equally as well.

We are a people obsessed with race, and it potentially skews our perception of people.

Equal rights should be afforded to all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, age, culture, etc.

The political issues at stake get a bit complex. These include Affirmative action, equal rights for GLBT individuals, and relgious contensions.

I can make a case for equality of all humans, for we're all made in the image of the living God(Gen 1.26); that those in the employ of the another should be treated fairly and justly, for we have a master that treats us so (Col 4.1); that our experience is important and unique to us and should be used to benefit others (2 Cor 1.3-4).
I suppose my current stance is to be a sniper instead of an atom bomb. There are too many B-52 flying around ready to drop bombs that the sight of "liberals" or the like. And normally Diversity gets lumped in with "the liberal agenda".

My problem with the bomb droppers is an extreme lack of grace. And the willingness and pleasure thats taken in the explosion. Should not grace flow from one that understands the gospel? Instead of a massive explosion that isn't very discriminating, we are called to be a sniper with discearnment as to who we chose to shoot if we need to shoot at all (figuratively speaking, of course). To the extent that we don't, we portray a God that drops bombs instead of a shepherd that guards his flock with a sling and some rocks.

It's true that the Enemy is prowling around in this world, and believe it or not, in the workplace. To the extent that the Diversity worldview matches that of the Scriptures, I'll praise God's grace; to the extent that God's truth comes under attack I'll not drop the religious bomb, but rather I'll gracefully engage people and mercilessly snipe the real Enemy.

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